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Rich father, poor father. The # 1 best seller in personal finance … – Explodes the myth that you have to have a high income to get rich – especially in a world where technology, robots and the global economy are changing the rules . – Explain why acquiring and accumulating assets may be more important to your future than a large paycheck – and outlines the tax benefits enjoyed by investors and business owners. – Challenging the belief that your home is an asset – it isn’t, as millions of people learned when the housing bubble burst, creating the sub-prime mortgage crisis. – Reminds us of why we cannot rely on the education system to talk to our children about money – and tells us why financial literacy is so important and more important than ever. – Explain what to teach children about money – so that they are prepared to face challenges and seize the opportunities of today’s world, and that they can enjoy life rich they deserve. The study of texts is part of the rich Father’s philosophy: to read, discuss, study, and discuss again. This 20th anniversary edition includes 9 sections of study sessions that you can use as guides during your reading, rereading, discussions, and studying this book with your friends and family.

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